AT-AT for America, Volunteer info
AT-AT for America
Volunteer info

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far and shown a willingness to help. 

We are really looking for all sorts of help, so everything is appreciated.

Here’s a list of our priorities.

* Mechanical engineers and builders: Our first priority is going to be coming up with realistic plans and some cost of cost estimate.

* Project managers/general contractors: Each of the build sites is going to have to have someone in charge. We need some leaders to step up.

* Legal/accounting: Once the Kickstarter fundraising happens, I’d like to set up a 501c non-profit. Need help with that. A legal eagle would be cool too.

* PR: We want to spread the word far and wide. If you can help pass along press releases in your city, that would be great.

* Con contacts: If you are connected with a convention, I’m eager to speak about this. Let me know if you can get me on the guest list.  

* 501st contacts: I would love for the 501st to show up in a big way during the fundraising. If you are a trooper, let me know. 

* Welders, electricians, motorheads, etc.: One we know what the pieces will be, we can understand more the type of specialists we will need doing the nuts and bolts work.

* Everyone else: The more the merrier, that’s the whole point, right?

For any of this, email us at:  

Be sure to include your name, hometown and skills.

Thanks everyone!

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